Blogger Love: Vixen Vintage

There are a million fabulous fashion blogs I try to regularly read, but I must admit, I just discovered this gem of a blog yesterday via tumblr. I'm down with anyone whose style source is vintage or vintage inspired so the name, Vixen Vintage, caught my eye, but what sold me was the fact that blogger, Solanah, seems to be just as obsessed with petticoats as I am! She even has a helpful guide on how to wear them and what kind is needed for certain dresses. Mine is a new obsession, I just bought my first petticoat at the flea market not too long ago, but I've been wanting one for quite some time now. I've literally had to stop myself from wearing it ever single day. It makes any dress feel like a fluffy party dress. There's only so many round, petticoat perfect dresses in my closet though so I love catching a glimpse of another girl wearing it day to day without looking or seemingly feeling overdressed. Solanah's style seems to range from around 1930's to 50's and each look works perfectly while seeming to stay true to her own style. 
I love this sock hop look so much! I need a pink petticoat asap..
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Designer Pumpkin Carvings

Here are a few more pumpkin related things I can totally get behind! I wouldn’t eat these, but boy are they neat to look at. Refinery 29 took a creative, designer-inspired approach to good ole fashioned pumpkin carving. My pumpkins are looking decidedly uncool compared to these babies, but maybe that just means it’s time to get creative. One thing’s for sure, this proves there’s more than one way to embrace fall style! Inspiration for the above pumpkin should be obvious (Louis Vuitton!). Below, the pumpkin inspiration was said to be Missoni’s spring ’12 swimsuits. For details on how they created these pumpkin works of art and how long it took, head over to Refinery 29.com
Inspiration: Anna Wintour
Inspiration: Balmain's spring '11 studded jacket
Inspiration: Cinderella in Cavalli
Inspiration: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!
Inspiration: Miu Miu's Gold Glitter Oro sneakers

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

From websites and magazines to movies and tv, I'm seeing costume ideas everywhere I turn. I've also helped create some awesome costumes at the vintage store where I work. This year, I decided to be a Pan Am stewardess. I mean, I kind of already dress like a sixties stewardess most of the time so it's not much of a stretch. I recently picked up a Pan Am bag and now I just need a hat to pull it all together. I might make one out of construction paper or felt. If anyone has any on-the-fly hat making tips though, let me know! 

I've had some fun costumes over the years. I thought I'd share some from the past, as well as inspiration of the year. Last year, I was Joan from Mad Men. I sort of have this hair color now so it's funny to see how real the wig looks! For details on how I put my Joan look together head back to my first entry almost a year ago!
Here I am in 2009 as Minnie Mouse. This was my back up costume for this year. 
At one point in high school I was Ringo Starr. 
At another point, I was a dark-haired Margot Tenenbaum with a friend as Ritchie. Eventually I re-did this costume in an awesome blonde wig though. Another year, I was Max Fischer, which was kind of hilarious. I guess I was pretty into Wes Anderson in high school.
If you're still searching for this year's costume and are coming up empty, check out some of the great costume ideas below. For details on where to get some of the items, click on the source link above each photo. 
NY Mag: Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj
NY Mag: Pregnant Beyonce and Jay-Z
The Frisky: Princess Beatrice
Refinery 29: Black Swan
Refinery 29: Daphne Guinness
Tres Sugar: Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All
Tres Sugar: Blossom
Tres Sugar: Lori Beth Denberg from All That (uh..random, but kind of awesome)
Tres Sugar: Carmen Sandeigo
Tres Sugar: Cher from Clueless 
Tres Sugar: Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus! 
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What I Wore To Work

Winter ready! I thought maybe the volume on top and bottom would be too much, but it worked and felt very fall. I was pretty excited to wear my new blazer and shoes from my Goodwill Outlet haul. Shoes: Goodwill Outlet, Skirt, Scarf: Vintage, Tights: Hue, Necklace: Forever 21, Top: H&M

What I Wore To Work

I just started working part-time at a start-up company called Clothia. This what I wore on my first day. The first words from my boss's mouth were "You look so Pan Am!" Score. If I don't look like a 60's stewardess, I probably need to rethink my outfit. Watch out for this awesome company to launch soon. If you're into fashion, you'll totally be into this website!

Shoes: Bass, Tights: Hue, Shirt & Cardigan: Vintage, Skirt: Express

My New Favorite Things

So..I've been meaning to do this for like a year, but I finally looked into thrifting in Queens. I always figured you had to leave Brooklyn and Manhattan to find good thrifting, but I always thought it was way difficult or why else would prices be so high?!? So I googled and what did I find? My dream place to thrift exists in NYC: The Goodwill Outlet. I had no idea there was a pay by the pound kind of place in NYC. In Austin, I would constantly go to Bluehanger, the Goodwill Outlet there and always found treasures. This kind of thrifting is not for the faint of heart though. It's literally a warehouse with piles of clothes to dig through. I broke a sweat at one point trying to dig to the bottom of bins, but I came out with a pretty great haul for $15 total. I tried to be picky though. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff there. I have so much, I need to be pickier and pickier when thrifting these days. 

Above is this awesome mustard jacket with fake fur. I thought it would be too small, but it fit pretty well and is perfect for the weather right now. Below is my find of the day. It's a beautiful sparky vintage dress in perfect condition. It's a tad small, but because of the way it's layered in front, it looks pretty good. I might end up putting it in my Etsy shop though so watch out for it!
I was kind of unsure of this sparkly kimono type thing at the store. It looks sort of weirdly shaped and I didn't have time to try it on over my clothes at the store, but let me tell you, it fit me like a GLOVE. It was a perfect fit and..kind of sexy at that. I have no idea where I will ever wear it though!
Ok, to be honest, these are flaking apart on the inside but the outside is soo cute and they fit so comfortably, I had to take them.
These black shoes are my favorite. They are SOO comfy and not even scratched or anything.
I nabbed these soft brown ones in good condition to either sell or give to my roommate if they're her size. I wish they were my size!
This flower tote with leather handles is soo cute, I love it for carrying my laptop and lunch. This black bag is the one thing I regret not looking thoroughly at. I love the outside, but the inside is all torn apart and the snap needed to be glued or something. I might try and fix it.
I love a cute, vintage mug. I couldn't resist. 
I left the store beaming with glee. I seriously get a high from cheap thrifting. 
...It's kind of weird actually.