My New Favorite Things

I recently snagged this hat at Urban Jungle for a mere $10! I'm obsessed. I wear it anytime I don't feel like doing my hair. The shoes below were an ebay adventure all their own. I'm not big on ebay, but when I saw brand-new Rachel Antonoff for Bass Wendy loafers online for $50 (originally $129!), I knew I had to try. I originally bid on the brown versions, foolishly assuming them were mine since I was the only bidder. I was outbid. Then these lovely black and white versions popped up and I watched that sale like a hawk and bid at the last minute. It was like a New Year's Eve countdown. I was paranoid I'd be outbid up until the last second, but I stayed the one and only bidder. It was kind of amazing. 

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  1. Awesome!! That's my issue with ebay, always getting outbidded