My New Favorite Sunglasses: Miu Miu Noir Fall 2011

Normally I couldn’t justify spending on fancy sunglasses. I’m much more likely to splurge on a classic bag, but I've been obsessing over these Miu Mius from the Fall 2011 collection since they showed up on the runway. Seeing them in the gorgeously ladylike ads starring Haylee Steinfeld put them at the top of my fantasy wishlist. Well, they didn't stay on that wishlist for long....after getting my first paycheck at a new job and making a trip to Bergdorfs (what? It was my birthday!), these beauties are officially my new favorite pair of sunnies.

They match the overall 1940’s vibe that Miu Miu does so well in that collection, yet the glasses come off totally modern and seasonable timeless. I’ve got a 1950‘s style sensibility so I really enjoy the angular cat-eye shape that subtly calls to mind a bit of that era as well...but the best part? They're kind of like Dorothy slippers..for your face!

Here's one red look I put together featuring the glasses, but I've kind of been wearing them every day even when it's raining or they don't remotely match. I'm even starting to be that lame person who wears sunglasses on the train..but they make me too happy to care!

Here's Tavi of Style Rookie rocking the shades. 
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