My New Favorite Things

So I went back to the happiest place on earth..no not Disneyland...the Goodwill Outlet! In my previous Goodwill Outlet post, I came back from the store giddy and full of stuff. This time, I went with a friend to show her the place and swore to myself that I would be extra picky...well, I WAS picky, but I found some great items for about $13 total! I've half created a list in the order of awesomeness. I found the polaroid camera above right when I was leaving for a mere $2. I know film is scarce and I already have a badass pink polaroid camera, but I can give this one as a gift or sell it. I'm pretty sure there's new film that works with it. The next item is probably my favorite in the whole bunch. It's this amazing 90's shirt that I'm pretty positive I wore as a kid. I can't believe it's in perfect adult size! I seriously cannot wait to wear this shirt. It's totally summery, but gosh darnit, I'm wearing it now!

I hesitated on this shirt, but it ended up being a great classic buy. I've already worn it once.
This is just a tad too small, but it was too pretty to pass up. Look at that collar..plus it was pretty close to fitting so I think I'll get there eventually or sell it. 
This skirt is one of those things I just couldn't pass up, but will definitely be selling. It's a size 8 (way too small), but it's freaking Oscar De La Renta! It will soon be in my Etsy shop

I hesitated on this last one since it's just from Uniqlo, but it's pretty adorable and perfectly cute. It sort of reminds me of Christmas in a way and I do love a good cape..

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