My Fantasy Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up and I wanted to make a fantasy wishlist. It ended up that most of these things are pretty attainable. It's really just the Charlotte Olympia cat flats and Alexa Mulberry bag that are outrageously pricey hence a fantasy. I actually did just buy something very special/outrageously pricey as a pre-birthday present to myself. It would've been on this list, but I totally totally splurged. It will be soon be revealed, but, for now, enjoy a few items I've pulled together and am loving at the moment..

I am obsessed with these fantastic Charlotte Olympia cat flats. They are just the cats pajamas! So cute!

I'll always be in love with this Oversized Alexa bag by Mulberry. Normally I'm anti knockoffs, but I'm kind of hoping to find a similar leather one somewhere someday. If you know any good versions, let me know!

Scene and Believed Dress from Modcloth

Rose Lights from Modcloth

These two dresses from Bettie Page Clothing are just the bees knees. I don't know if I like the red or the blue more!

This Navy Sailor Dress by Heartbreaker from HeartbreakerFashion.com is really great too. I have just the petticoat for the two blue dresses!

No Shame...I want this new True Blood Book: Dead Reckoning!

[Klaxon Glitter Lace Up Shoes From Topshop and Mulberry Alexa Photos: Cherry Blossom Girl]