What I Wore To Work

Skirt, Shoes, Belt, Shirt: Vintage, Shoes: Bass, Earrings: Tiffany & Co.
I took a break from the petticoat for one day, but then I wanted to show it to my co-workers so here is another petticoat wearing day. So far, it hasn't gotten old! I'm running out of bell-shaped dresses though and I don't want to keep using this same skirt. Does that just mean I need to buy more? ha Oh the funny thing about this top is that it's actually a dress I got for my birthday, but it was way too short. My best friend had the genius idea of using it as a shirt and I have ever since (amazing story huh?). The explanation for the in the moment photo below is that my roommate was telling me about her day while I took the pictures so here I am she's telling me that they sent some photo shoot items at Opening Ceremony to one of my favorite stylish ladies, Carey Mulligan! I think I had just said "coool!" and remembered to smile for the picture. =)

Fancy-coat wearing lady. Normally I don't think I look very good in non-smiling photos, but I decided to give it a try. I feel a bit like Cruella Deville for some reason. I used a new setting on the camera these past couple of times. I like the way it brings out the lights a bit more. 

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