My New Favorite Things

So..I've been meaning to do this for like a year, but I finally looked into thrifting in Queens. I always figured you had to leave Brooklyn and Manhattan to find good thrifting, but I always thought it was way difficult or why else would prices be so high?!? So I googled and what did I find? My dream place to thrift exists in NYC: The Goodwill Outlet. I had no idea there was a pay by the pound kind of place in NYC. In Austin, I would constantly go to Bluehanger, the Goodwill Outlet there and always found treasures. This kind of thrifting is not for the faint of heart though. It's literally a warehouse with piles of clothes to dig through. I broke a sweat at one point trying to dig to the bottom of bins, but I came out with a pretty great haul for $15 total. I tried to be picky though. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff there. I have so much, I need to be pickier and pickier when thrifting these days. 

Above is this awesome mustard jacket with fake fur. I thought it would be too small, but it fit pretty well and is perfect for the weather right now. Below is my find of the day. It's a beautiful sparky vintage dress in perfect condition. It's a tad small, but because of the way it's layered in front, it looks pretty good. I might end up putting it in my Etsy shop though so watch out for it!
I was kind of unsure of this sparkly kimono type thing at the store. It looks sort of weirdly shaped and I didn't have time to try it on over my clothes at the store, but let me tell you, it fit me like a GLOVE. It was a perfect fit and..kind of sexy at that. I have no idea where I will ever wear it though!
Ok, to be honest, these are flaking apart on the inside but the outside is soo cute and they fit so comfortably, I had to take them.
These black shoes are my favorite. They are SOO comfy and not even scratched or anything.
I nabbed these soft brown ones in good condition to either sell or give to my roommate if they're her size. I wish they were my size!
This flower tote with leather handles is soo cute, I love it for carrying my laptop and lunch. This black bag is the one thing I regret not looking thoroughly at. I love the outside, but the inside is all torn apart and the snap needed to be glued or something. I might try and fix it.
I love a cute, vintage mug. I couldn't resist. 
I left the store beaming with glee. I seriously get a high from cheap thrifting. 
...It's kind of weird actually.

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