Blogger Love: Vixen Vintage

There are a million fabulous fashion blogs I try to regularly read, but I must admit, I just discovered this gem of a blog yesterday via tumblr. I'm down with anyone whose style source is vintage or vintage inspired so the name, Vixen Vintage, caught my eye, but what sold me was the fact that blogger, Solanah, seems to be just as obsessed with petticoats as I am! She even has a helpful guide on how to wear them and what kind is needed for certain dresses. Mine is a new obsession, I just bought my first petticoat at the flea market not too long ago, but I've been wanting one for quite some time now. I've literally had to stop myself from wearing it ever single day. It makes any dress feel like a fluffy party dress. There's only so many round, petticoat perfect dresses in my closet though so I love catching a glimpse of another girl wearing it day to day without looking or seemingly feeling overdressed. Solanah's style seems to range from around 1930's to 50's and each look works perfectly while seeming to stay true to her own style. 
I love this sock hop look so much! I need a pink petticoat asap..
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  1. Thanks for the link to this blogger, loving her style. Wish I could pull off vintage like that.