Blogger Love: Tick Tock Vintage

This week's Blog of the Week is by another blogger I had the pleasure of meeting at the Blogger Picnic a few weeks back. I had only recently come across her blog, Tick Tock Vintage, but one of the things I instantly loved about it, besides the awesome fashion, was the adorable header. The bright and cheerful graphic makes the blog super inviting for some reason and sets the tone for blogger, Veronika's style, which seems to be the perfect mix of sophisticated and sweet. Unafraid of patterns, she loves to mix it up with funky jewelry and adorable hair bows. What really makes her stand out though is the fact that she's also incredibly crafty and can totally see the DIY potential in clothes that might otherwise be turned away. Just look at this before entry of the blue dress below. I am amazed at the result!
I love how she wears her bows!
[Also on BUST.com]

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