A Very Stylish Blogger Picnic!

[Photo by Ashley of Fancy Fine]
If you're looking for new blogs to read or just want some stylish inspiration from bloggers you already love, check out some of these pictures from "A Very Stylish Picnic" aka the lovely blogger meetup I attended in Central Park last week. I was pretty excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers and to hang with fellow-lovers of vintage and style. We all came together for a pre-Fashion Week celebration and ate, drank, took lots of pictures, and were serenaded by boys in speedos (wait..what?..yep, it's true). 
Some of the fabulous bloggers there included: Erin of Calivintage, Hannah of Hannah and Landon, Siri of Ringo have a banana!, Veronika of Tik Tok Vintage, Ashley of Fine Fancy, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, Kaitlin of All This Happiness, Emily of It Girl Rag Doll, Hannah of Heart City Vintage, Sandra of Sweet Caramel & Lace, and John of SF Style. If you recognize a blogger or were at the picnic, be sure and send me any links I missed!
 [Photo above and below by Ashley of Fancy FIne]

Natural Gingers!
Here are the hilariously random swim team boys in speedos who came to serenade us/ask for money.

I made rice krispies! They seemed to be a hit even though I didn't let them cool long enough and they melted together to form one big krispie. 

She "grr-ed" and I seemed confused..
So I "grr-ed" right back. I look like I'm going to steal the massive rice krispie.

Check out more awesome pics from the day at Fancy FIneSF Style (there's a pretty hilarious one of the speedo boys) and Sweet Caramel & Lace, which is where this picture of Erin, Kaitlin, and I is from! 
To check out my blogger street style pics, head over to TheRebelWaltz.com.

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