What I Wore To Dinner With a Friend

Top: Proenza Schouler for Target, Scarf: H&M, Skirt: Vintage
Sorry for the blurriness! I just got a tripod so hopefully there'll be less macbook pics around here.

My Fall Wishlist

The fall lines and looks are starting to appear every place I turn and I couldn't be more excited. Fall is my favorite time of year. I call it "tights and sweater" season which makes me infinitely happy considering my giant drawer of colorful tights and shelves of crazy sweaters, which were kind of useless in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Like my Summer Wishlistlast June, I decided to culminate all the things I'm in love with at the moment and either can't afford or might just splurge on in the next coming months. 
To start the list off, I decided to go with the shoes I haven't stopped thinking about since I saw them on Tavi Gevinson's feet at the Advanced Style partyI'm pretty much in love with all the BASS Loves Rachel Antonoff Shoes..but specifically I've fallen for 3 pairs: The Jasmine Black and White loafers seen above and below, the Odette Cream and Black saddle shoes, and the Odette Cream and Pink saddle shoes seen below. 

At $129 the Jasmine loafers are a bit out of my price range, but these two babies are now on sale for $76! I already own a pair of non-shiny black and white saddle shoes so by process of elimination, the pink would definitely be favorite wishlist shoe....also..it's pink! How can you not love a pink saddle shoe? 
For years now, I've been dying for a red cape, a sort of chic little red riding hood sort of look so it's only appropriate that it comes next on my list. I've looked just about everywhere for a vintage one, but I actually kind of like this American Apparel cape. My roommate has it and always looks super cute in it. I also like it in black, but that might just be because of the styling/model difference in the two looks. Why is the red cape model all "Yeaaah, I'm not wearing anything under this," while the black cape model looks perfectly cute and put together?
I once thought I found a super great cape (as seen below), but then I realized I was basically wearing a semi-chic snuggie in disguise. Am I right? I thought that it was snuggie-esque because of the fleece, but the capes above are fleece and look way less snuggie-like. I admit, I still love how super cozy it is on cold winter nights though.
The next thing on my list are these Madewell by Alexa Chung Zowie Leopard Print Boots.
Just look how cute they look on Tennessee Thomas and Alexa Chung! Then again, what don't these girls look cute in?? Seriously, somehow Tennessee is even making pajamas in public seem cool.
I swear I'm not as shoe obsessed as I might be coming across. I'm much more a bag gal than a shoe one, but I must add one more pair to the list:Repetto Mary Janes. They are classic and timeless.
On to non-shoes: I'm pretty into this leopard print cardigan and leopard print satchel from the Mad Men at Banana Republic Collection.

....And I just realized that this is the third leopard printed item on my list so far. I guess I never met a leopard print I didn't like as long as they're not all worn at once! Can you imagine? Cardigan, bag, and shoes...all leopard. Yikes!
We've got Bass, Madewell, Repetto, and Banana Republic so far, but we're now entering the Etsy portion of the list:
Illustrated Wood Necklace by depeapa
Awesome flower tote also by depeapa
Honey Bunny Sweatshirt by rosiemusic. I seriously want all this girls wearable illustrations!
I love all illustrations by this lady as well!
By the way, this is my Etsy shop if anyone would like to take a gander. It technically only has one thing in it at the moment, but it's a really great item that I wish fit me and more will soon come unless I hold a stoop sale soon in which case..you're all invited!
Well, till next season...

What I Wore To DJ BUST Craftacular/Maker Faire

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Pillbox hat, Sweater: Vintage, Skirt: Gap, Shoes: Bass

Awesome Animated Gif!

Check out this cool gif my friend Ignacio made of me talking to Lynn Yaeger at Fashion Week!

What I Wore To Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

1st Day at Lincoln Center:
[Photo by Stylist.com

I look a little crazy here, but I like the reflection in my glasses. 
[Photo by Toms Eye View]

Decisions decisions..

2nd Day at Lincoln Center:
I was kind of afraid of the shoulder pads, but I went with it. 

What I Wore To Work

Bag: Vintage, Shirt: Vintage from Junk, Shoes: Chanel, Tights: Hue, Skirt: Gap, Earrings: Vintage


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Inspiration of the Week

Anna Dello Russo at Fashion Week
Iris Apfel with Tavi and Ari via Advanced Style
Midnight in Paris

1920's style and hair like this girls from the Jazz Age Lawn Party
Julia Frakes at Fashion Week
Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade ads.
Live Colorfully!
Sea of Shoes Jane in Miu Miu

Taylor Swift in Rodarte at Fashion Week
Alexa Chung at Fashion Week
 Evan Rachel Wood
 Corinne Bailey Rae at Fashion Week via The Satorialist
Keira Knightly in Wren 
 Lanvin ads
 Brad at Fashion Week..*swoon*

Leith Clark

Miranda July in Rodarte, which is the same lovely dress we used in the "Look For Less" feature in BUST's August/September issue.