What I Wore To See Garfunkel and Oats

Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Bass, Bag: Beacon's Closet, Skirt: Monk, Earrings: Were my moms, Scarf: Vintage
I've been in love with these ladies and their hilarious songs for a while so I was suuuper excited when I heard Garfunkel and Oats were in town! In a musical comedy scene filled with dudes, these ladies are making a name for themselves by being unabashedly girly, yet hilariously raunchy and daring. I mean how can you not instantly love songs like "Go Kart Racing (Accidentally Masturbating)" and "Pregnant Women Are Smug"? Plus these ladies rap like nobody's biznazz in "This Party Took A Turn For the Douche." The show was hilariously awesome!
Here are some of my favorite songs below. 

Look out for cameos by Sarah Silverman and Alia Shawkat, in this one!
Favorite part of the song: "I ain't in love with ya cousin, I'm no George Michael Bluth."

This was me at the show:

I think I mumbled something fangirl-esuqe about them being awesome on Scrubs and Pushing Daisies. You can pick up their new album "All Over Your Face" at a show or on itunes!

[photos: Garfunkel and Oats]

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