What I Wore To The Russian Tea Room

Here I am with my mom and grandma at The Russian Tea Room. I previously wore this outfit at a Blogger Luncheon earlier in that summer, but I switched up the accessories a bit. It's such a great summer look! The Russian Tea Room, was seriously gorgeous. The room we were in later became the location for a Harper Bazaar party celebrating Anne Hathaway's cover that month.

This gorgeous room is where we ate dinner and where I tried caviar for the first time.

Well, hey there Blair and Nate! I found this picture when I googled "Russian Tea Room." I sadly did not see them there, but I did see "Lonley Boy" Dan at a Brazilian nightclub the next day!

What I Wore: 
Dress: Calvin Klein Dress
Shoes: B.P.
 Scarf: Vintage
Broach: Monk.

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