Cat Fashion Obsession

When you think of "cat fashion," you might think of cats in costumes or at least that's what google is giving me, but when I think "cat fashion," I think of these fantastically adorable Charlotte Olympia shoes. They are so ridiculously cute that I pulled a  Rachel Zoe when I saw them and muttered something along the lines of, "ohmygosh, I die." 
I found the red wedge version and oh look, it's on sale for only (ONLY?!) $895 at Bergdorf Goodman! Ok, so these beauties are a little (a lot) out of my price range, but at least they're super cute to look at. I would probably just trip in them anyway.

For more "cat fashion" check out one of my favorite Miu Miu collections ever: Spring 2010. There were cat patterns galore and I loved every one of them!

Here's a little bit of "mouse fashion" from Marc Jacobs. The black ones are new Fall 2011.

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