Every Outfit Worn Cher Horowitz in Clueless in Under 60 Seconds

Worn Fashion Journal is amazing for so many reason, but the fact that they've given the internet this 60 second clip of every outfit Cher Horowitz wore in Clueless makes me love them even more.  The internet can never have enough Cher Horowitz so thank you to Wornette Daniel Reis for making the internet a better place. (As if!)

Cat Fashion Obsession

When you think of "cat fashion," you might think of cats in costumes or at least that's what google is giving me, but when I think "cat fashion," I think of these fantastically adorable Charlotte Olympia shoes. They are so ridiculously cute that I pulled a  Rachel Zoe when I saw them and muttered something along the lines of, "ohmygosh, I die." 
I found the red wedge version and oh look, it's on sale for only (ONLY?!) $895 at Bergdorf Goodman! Ok, so these beauties are a little (a lot) out of my price range, but at least they're super cute to look at. I would probably just trip in them anyway.

For more "cat fashion" check out one of my favorite Miu Miu collections ever: Spring 2010. There were cat patterns galore and I loved every one of them!

Here's a little bit of "mouse fashion" from Marc Jacobs. The black ones are new Fall 2011.

Inspiration of the Week

These are just some of the things that inspired me this week.
Dita Von Teese and her every day looks. Flawless!
 Marlo Thomas (That Girl!)
Alice Carey via Advanced Style
Dianna Agron with pink hair!
The Shangri-Las
 Valentino bags
 Kate Moss' Wedding Photos
 Daphne Guinness

What I Wore To The Jazz-Age Lawn Party 2011

The Jazz-Age Lawn Party, a fabulous bi-annual, daytime jazz event on NYC's  Governors Island took place earlier in the summer and the weekend of August 20th and 21st. I was lucky enough to attend on the 20th and I have to say the outfits were fantastic and the bow-tie clad boys made me swoon. This year's party featured Gelber & Manning, performances by '20s tapping sensations The Minsky Sisters, '78 records from the 1920s played on antique phonographs, charleston lessons by dance legend Roddy Caravella, vintage portraits by Tsirkus Fotografika and Yelp.com, and a 1920s Motorcar Exhibition.
Epic street style photos are posted on TheRebelWaltz.com and BUST.com, but for now, I thought I'd share my look options and the look I ultimately went with for this fabulous party of all parties. This was my original look, which felt true to the time period, but also felt too nighttime for such a daytime event. Maybe next year!
I was on the fence between dressing 1920's day or night when I decided to do my makeup. I went with my normal eye, but a bit more exaggerated. I'm generally a fan of a good cat eye even on a normal day to day basis. I know it's more 1950's than 1920's, but I wanted to stick with what I know. The biggest difference in my eye makeup routine though was my first time use of fake eyelashes! I used Make Up Forever Professional Lashes and ooh let me tell you, as a first timer, it was quite a challenge. I had such a hard time getting it exactly where I wanted. After a few attempts I felt it was workable so I used my usual liner, L'Oreal liquid liner, to create the cat eye and cover up any eyelash to eyelid mistakes. 
For my lips, I definitely wanted to try out a darker, more heart shape look. My friend suggested this tutorial to me, which is a bit more costume-y than I went, but I think I definitely succeeded in creating a smaller more doll-like lip than my everyday norm.  
I also took a cue from Hannah of XoJane.com's lovely Clara Bow-esque lips. I would've liked something less subtle than I came out with, but it worked well enough. 
For my cheeks, I tried out a new blush I just received from a friend called Tres Vichy, which is also from Makeup Forever Professional. Normally I use this Pixi Cheek Gel Blush, which is amazing, but I was definitely into the shade and shimmer of the Tres Vichy one. 
Makeup Results:
When it comes to the dress I ended up wearing, my friend and I shopped around, but of course, I found it at my new favorite flea market, The Mary Help of Christians Church. I got this dress for a mere $10! It contributed to the daytime look I went with. I know the dress is on the cusp of a 1950's tea party, but it definitely felt more true to my every day style than the first choice. 
Watch out! I'm ready to do the charleston.

Once I got on the ferry, I donned matching pink sunglasses
 Thankful I remembered to bring a change of shoes because by the time I got off the ferry, my heels were killing me! I'm just not a heels gal I guess. I love the way they look, but give me comfy saddle shoes and penny loafers any day!
Sadly my street style hero, NY Times photographer, Bill Cunningham, passed over me while photographing the event (It was "fashion death" as Anna Wintour would say!), but I did manage to get this happy shot of him in action!
[Also on Bust.com]

Ode To Redheads and How I Became One!

For some reason, I've always been infatuated with redheads. I feel like they command attention, stand out from a crowd and somehow make anything look glamorous. They add a pop of color to even the most boring ensembles! Red hair seems to offer or elicit a special air of confidence and I love that it's sort of different from the norm, especially certain bright colors, but it doesn't feel too crazy. When I did a little research, I found out that almost all my favorite, fabulous redheads were not actually born that way. From Christina Hendricks to Karen Elson to my favorite Swedish blogger, Elsa Billgren, all are bottled reds, but have the total fierceness to rock the bright hue. This gave me hope for my own possible redheaded fabulousness.

Here is some of my hairspiration: Christina Hendricks above and Elsa Billgren below.

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine
Taylor Tomasi Hill
Model Karen Elson

I've wanted to dye my hair since October when I was Mad Men's Joan for Halloween and rocked an awesome red wig. I recently met my new friend, Henry, hair dresser extraordinaire and he offered to do my hair. He actually did Zooey Deschanel's hair for 500 Days of Summer so I knew he could be trusted with my hair and most importantly..my bangs! Here's a little before/after of today...


I think coloring my eyebrows was the only thing that made me nervous. "What if it drips down and I go blind?" I worried, but, of course, that didn't happen. 

 I love it! The pictures above were taken under weird lighting and it's hard to see the red, but when I tried to take a picture with my camera, I was out of "myspace pic practice" and couldn't get a good one. Here's a close up though of just how red it turned out..

So there you have it. I'm a ginger now and it feels great! I was going to do a post on if I was treated different as a redhead, but so far nothing too dramatic has happened. My color is probably subdued enough that I'm not getting weird looks. I've gotten some compliments from Sephora ladies and I already get shouts from street dudes once in a while cause of my "badonkadonk" as I call it so I'm not sure anything there is different. I went on a first date days after "going red," but  I'm still wondering if it helped or hindered. It might be girls who appreciate red hair more so than dudes. I was warned by a fellow Bustie to watch out for redhead fetishists though! 

I will say that it's been hard trying to figure out what makeup and colors go best with it. My lips seem naked without a balance of color now so I automatically think red lipstick is perfect, but sometimes feels overdone. The bright pink blush I usually love combined with red hair is also giving me some red undertones now so I have to ask, any makeup suggestions from redheads out there?

On an end note, some other fabulous (and faux) redheads who I love and didn't list above would have to be Lucille Ball (who knew?!), Gillian Anderson, Alyson Hannigan (Buffy nerd in the house!), and Nicole Kidman. Natural or not, who are some of YOUR favorite redheads? 

Food Porn

Click on photos for recipes!

Roommate Cocktails

A little big of lemonade and a little bit of yummy Sorbetta Strawberry Vodka.

What I Wore To See Garfunkel and Oats

Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Bass, Bag: Beacon's Closet, Skirt: Monk, Earrings: Were my moms, Scarf: Vintage
I've been in love with these ladies and their hilarious songs for a while so I was suuuper excited when I heard Garfunkel and Oats were in town! In a musical comedy scene filled with dudes, these ladies are making a name for themselves by being unabashedly girly, yet hilariously raunchy and daring. I mean how can you not instantly love songs like "Go Kart Racing (Accidentally Masturbating)" and "Pregnant Women Are Smug"? Plus these ladies rap like nobody's biznazz in "This Party Took A Turn For the Douche." The show was hilariously awesome!
Here are some of my favorite songs below. 

Look out for cameos by Sarah Silverman and Alia Shawkat, in this one!
Favorite part of the song: "I ain't in love with ya cousin, I'm no George Michael Bluth."

This was me at the show:

I think I mumbled something fangirl-esuqe about them being awesome on Scrubs and Pushing Daisies. You can pick up their new album "All Over Your Face" at a show or on itunes!

[photos: Garfunkel and Oats]