My new couch accessories!

Thrifted blanket and middle pillow from Marshalls!

Exciting News!!!

Please pick up the newest copy of BUST Magazine because I'm officially a published writer in it! I wrote the fashionista column, beauty reviews (where you'll find my face!), a music review, assisted in the photo shoots, and helped create the Trend Story, "Under the Influence," which I'm pretty proud of! =)

What I Wore To Work

Dress: Vintage, Shoes: Zigi NY, Sunglasses: Monk, Scarf: The Mary Help of Christians Church Flea Market ($1!), Camera Prop: Monk

I was experimenting with the scarf that morning and actually liked the way it came out. With the sunglasses and camera, I love how oh so retro this look is!

What I Wore To See McQueen Again

Dress: The Mary Help of Christians Church Flea Market ($7!), Shoes: Zigi New York, Bag: H&M, Bow: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

What I Wore To Work

Dress: Mary Help of Christian's School Flea Market ($7!), Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters. 

I felt too gross to take a full length picture when I got home today, but I took these in the morning. I fancy this dress quite a bit. You know, I love almost anything with a peter pan collar or polka dots...so of course the combination just kills me. (I die). haha.
Sassy Lady!

What I Wore To Go Out

Dress: $1 tag sale from Junk!, Shoes: Chanel from Saks, Purse: My moms, Bow and Necklace: Forever 21. I ended up switching to comfy black flats before I left and a Chanel purse I could wear over my shoulder while I danced at Mondo!

My 'perfect hair' lasted about 5 seconds after I left the apartment!

Collection Love: Miu Miu Resort 2012

I usually hate the 80's, but I like how this collection kind of takes an 80's note and makes it adorably fun. Although the models don't look like they're having that much fun, the clothes themselves range from totally playful to lovely and ladylike. Miu Miu can really do no wrong in my book. 

[Photos: Tom and Lorenzo]

What I Wore To Work

Dress: vintage from Mary Help of Christian's School Flea Market (Most amazing, cheapest flea market for great vintage ever, will be doing a write up soon!), Shoes: Zara from Goodwill, Scarf: Bluehanger, Bumble Bee pendant: Lane Bryant website. 

Don't mind my melting face..this was taken at the end of the day.

What I (Almost) Wore To Work, but switched scarves at the last minute.
Which do you prefer?

What I Wore On The Weekend

Dress: Monk, Belt: Jive Refried, Earrings: Monk

My friend Mary came to visit NYC from Montreal, Canada. She took this summery picture of me above at one of my favorite restaurants, Penelope, on Lex and 30th. Here are a couple other gorgeous pics she took from out time together:

[Photo: Mary Elam]

Here are my two favorite pics from my camera: 
The gang who met in Denton, Tx on the Brooklyn promenade, my favorite NYC spot for a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline.

and my celebratory mojito for news that will come soon..

What I Wore On The Weekend

I actually remember seeing the title of this post before I left work the day before and it stuck in my mind so I messed with some scarves there, finally figured it out and wore one the rest of the day. By the time I read the tutorial I was like "yeah, I got this." haha so proud. 

Dress: About to be thrown out at Monk, Necklace: Vintage and falling apart, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Scarf: Vintage, & Unseen purse: Vintage Gucci.

Food Porn

The photo above is attached to a link of the amazing sounding recipe, but the rest of these are just via my Twee Valley High tumblr. Still delicious looking though! I think I'll start trying include 'food porn' pics and recipes in this blog!

Collection Love: Jill Stuart

I'm really loving the 40's inspired silhouettes in this Jill Stuart Resort 2012 collection! I'm a sucker for florals, a puffed sleeve, and a nice collar and this collection has all three. Plus maybe I'm just a fashion prude, but I'm totally into dresses that stop around the knee. They look classy and tend to be more flattering..on me at least.

Collection Love: Carven

These amazing looks are part of a pre-season collection (whatever that means) by Carven. The clothes hit stores December 2011. Check out some of my favorites:
I like how the bow is at the top of the dress, almost like wings!
The shoes! 
To see the rest, go to StyleCaster.com.

Inspiration This Week

This is some stuff that's been inspiring to me this week. 
Two-tone lipstick! Such a radical, cool lip combo! And her skin and eyeliner are flawless. I'm jealous! [Keiko Lynn]
Harlex via Miss Moss
Lula editor-in-chief and stylist Leith Clark in a lovely Wren dress.
The new Lula.
Zooey Deschanel in a pretty, floral Kate Spade dress via Tom and Lorenzo.
Grown up Tavi.
This dress by Milanoo. 
Clashing Patterns via The Satorialist.

Young Brooke Shields via Miss Moss. She really reminds me of of my mom here.
Just check it out below. How fab is my mom?

Oh yeah and Reality Bites because I love the clothes and it's sort of my life right now.
P.S. I can't get The Cranberries out of my head!