My Summer Wishlist

Summer is officially is full swing and while I might be lacking in funds to buy all the pretty, summery things I love, I decided to make a “Summer Wishlist” of fashionable items that add some summer fun to ensembles lacking the colorful tights and cardigans of autumn and spring. I'm a total Fall girl who loves to layer, but getting creative with colors, prints, and accessories is what I love best about summer. I hope you enjoy peeking into my online inspiration. These are a few of my favorite things right now.
To start off, I'm obsessed with this adorable Black Cat Print Dress by leahgoren, $160. I think blogger, calivintage really rocks it in the photo above. It looks so classy and sweet!
[photo: calivintage]
I love this Ode to Jean-Luc Godard/ Masculin FĂ©minin Tote by imissyoualready, $20. It's based off a quote from the Godard film, Masculin Feminin, one of my favorites of his. I'd use this tote as an everyday bag or just pull it out whenever I want to impress pretentious Francophile boys. 
 I love anything with a peter pan collar. This Peter Pan Collar Blouse by ASOS, us.asos.com, $17.24, looks so soft and comfy. This is one item I can definitely afford!
I really need new glasses and these Ray-Ban glasses, Ray-Ban.com look just funky enough. Who doesn't love a good cat-eye shape?
I like how this Turquoise Sachel by Melie Bianco, Melieblanco.com, $99, is shaped like the Mulberry Alexa, but is a totally different crazy color. It's definitely a bag that'll make your whole outfit pop. 
Um, how awesome of this silk scarf? 
I feel like everyone needs to own at least one good sailor dress! Navy Sailor Dress by Heartbreaker, HeartbreakerFashion.com, $92.
These adorable Surfboard Sweethearts Wedges, Modcloth.com, $37.99, look pretty stable in terms of heels/wedges. I might actually be capable of walking in them. Plus how cute would they be with the sailor dress?
I'm so into this Little Fox Prince Ring by Melissa Nucera, ShanaLogic.com, $18.50. It's beyond adorable and this fox makes me think he'd be a character in the French book, Le Petit Prince
I already own something similar in another colors, but the ruffles at the bottom of this Here Comes The Sun Dress, shopplasticland.com $74, really win it over for me!
This Bass Diamond Necklace, spottedmoth.com, $44.99, is perfect for any season really. I'm not a fan of most delicate jewelry, but this is just crazy enough for me to love. Plus it would go with everything. It's actually second favorite to this necklace, but alas it seems to be sold out. 


  1. One of the girls I work with has a pair of black patent Ferragamo flats. She swears by them, wears them almost everyday, and claims they're well worth the investment. I must admit, they are really beautiful shoes, but it just seems like so much to spend on a pair of black flats!

  2. yeah I want to get some vintage ones! I stikk kick myself for not getting a pair I saw for $30