What I Wore To Work

Inspiration: Blogger, From Me To You
Her Inspiration: Lauren Bacall
Today's Results: 

It's not very similar to the original, but I was more inspired by the scarf tucked into the shirt aspect. I'd never really noticed it before beyond western style. I come off mildly western, but I still like the way it turned out. I tend to look better in darker colors than white so I went with this blue mens shirt I got for a $1 at Monk and girlied it up. Below the waist was a black pencil skirt, turquoise tights and Hunter wellies because it rained a bit today. I went with the pencil skirt over something more flowy to accommodate and even out the klunkiness of the wellies. I also liked the glamour of the red lipstick. I want to insert more glamour into my makeup life so I think I'll be trying red more often!

Skirt, Scarf, Broach- vintage
Skirt- Gap

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