What I Wore At Home

A new fancy Goodwill opened up in the West Village near my work. After work I headed there and was first appalled at the Goodwill prices ($14.99 for a dress?! I thought this was Goodwill!), but then I realized they had some amazing stuff there and compared to some of the other stores in the area, this was chump change. I bought the perfect blue and white striped summer dress, which I'm sure I'll showcase later, but for now I wanted to showoff this fabulous bedtime find! This Valentino robe patterned with white bows, along with a matching dress was only $30! I feel like I should be drinking champagne to unwind and calling people things like "dahling" as I roam the corridors in my fuzzy high heel slippers. 

Dahlings, can't you see I'm making a very important call here!

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