What I Wore To Work

Sweater: Gap
Bow: Forever 21
Dress: Vintage

Blogger Love: Gala Darling

Though her outfits are plain fabulous, Gala Darling is much more than just a style blog. She is a positive force of energy in the uncertain World Wide Web. Whether through her fashionable, fun ensembles or her Radical Self Love Series, "Love and Sequins" (sort of self help for those who hate "self help"), Gala Darling is one of the most positive forces out there. I like that she actually has fun with her fashion (sequins and glitter are always a plus!). My other favorite part is her "Things I Love Thursdays." She points out the coolest links of the moment, but also makes you remember the little things in life. This week, it was "smoothies for breakfast" and "second-hand books" on her list that made me smile. 

What I Wore To Work

Today, on my way to work, I stopped by the newish Goodwill in the West Village and found these darling Miu Mius with no price and instantly fell in love. I was certain that they would be insanely expensive and wondered why they weren't up front or in the window. I tried them on of course and while it looks like they fit in the picture, they are JUST too small, barley. I'm smiling, but I'm in pain. I figured, "oh well, they don't fit anyway" so went to work and thought, "I should've asked the price!" My co-worked convinced me to go ask when I went for lunch and to my astonishment, they told me the price. After they rang me up and I asked why they were so cheap, they gave me an answer that indicated they obviously didn't know Miu Miu was designer. Why did I buy shoes that don't fit? Because I plan on trying for my first Ebay sale! I might eventually even start an Esty shop or something. So stand by..

Top: Some place in the mall like Agaci
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Miu Miu

ugh so cute..perfect for summer and the heel is actually sturdy enough to walk in. 
I wanted to cry Miu Miu tears when I realized they didn't fit. =(

Blogger Love: Elsa Billgren

My current fashion obsession is blogger Elsa Billgren for Swedish Elle Magazine. Although I can’t read a lick of the blog itself, this girl’s super stylish life is certainly fun to glimpse into. She’s got old-school glamour and her closet seems to overflow with tea party dresses. The two things that sets her apart from other bloggers are her gorgeous red locks and bombshell Monroe curves, two traits which are too few and far between amongst popular bloggers these days. From her adorable husband and friends to her everyday outfits and the numerous parties she seems to throw, her life seems like the very perfection of vintage style and glamour. 
 One thing’s for sure, she’s definitely inspired me to wear red lipstick more often. Oh so glam!

What I Wore To Work

These are two different days, but I didn't notice how similar the patterns of these shirts were until now! I just got these both recently and they are just perfect for now. It get a bit chilly now and then during spring so the navy, with 3/4 sleeves covers me up just enough. The light blue is great now with a sweater and will be perfect all through summer though. I just got these faaabulous new sunglasses from Urban Outfitters for $10! They look perfectly similar to the gorgeous Tom Ford pair blogger Calivintage has been sporting. 

What I Wore To Work

 Spring is in the air!
Sweater: Vintage from Monk in West Village
Pillbox Hat: Vintage from Hells Kitchen Flea Market
Skirt: Gap

I went to a huge clothing convention to help pick out outfits for a upcoming BUST photo shoot. It was really exciting to have a press badge and I thought I'd dress up a little for the occasion. I'm still donning the red lipstick, but I might go with pink tomorrow. It does add a certain something that gloss does not, but is super annoying when you eat something. I just got the sweater at work the other day and I knew instantly that this hat was perfect for it. Perfect spring ensemble.

What I Wore At Home

A new fancy Goodwill opened up in the West Village near my work. After work I headed there and was first appalled at the Goodwill prices ($14.99 for a dress?! I thought this was Goodwill!), but then I realized they had some amazing stuff there and compared to some of the other stores in the area, this was chump change. I bought the perfect blue and white striped summer dress, which I'm sure I'll showcase later, but for now I wanted to showoff this fabulous bedtime find! This Valentino robe patterned with white bows, along with a matching dress was only $30! I feel like I should be drinking champagne to unwind and calling people things like "dahling" as I roam the corridors in my fuzzy high heel slippers. 

Dahlings, can't you see I'm making a very important call here!

What I Wore To Work

Inspiration: Blogger, From Me To You
Her Inspiration: Lauren Bacall
Today's Results: 

It's not very similar to the original, but I was more inspired by the scarf tucked into the shirt aspect. I'd never really noticed it before beyond western style. I come off mildly western, but I still like the way it turned out. I tend to look better in darker colors than white so I went with this blue mens shirt I got for a $1 at Monk and girlied it up. Below the waist was a black pencil skirt, turquoise tights and Hunter wellies because it rained a bit today. I went with the pencil skirt over something more flowy to accommodate and even out the klunkiness of the wellies. I also liked the glamour of the red lipstick. I want to insert more glamour into my makeup life so I think I'll be trying red more often!

Skirt, Scarf, Broach- vintage
Skirt- Gap

What I Wore To Brunch

Turban: vintage from Austin, Tx
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: H&M

What I Wore To A Broadway Show

I absolutely love this new vintage dress from Brooklyn Flea. It cost way more than I'm used to paying for vintage, but it fit perfectly and the colors are gorgeous.

Dress: Vintage from Brooklyn Flea!
Bag: H&M
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Bass

We saw this show (hey! I match the poster!):

It was SO good. It was like seeing all my favorite girl groups live. So So good. The songs, the costumes..swoonworthy. I'd say it was my favorite Broadway show. Wicked, Hairspray, and Mamma Mia have all been great, but this was like an amazing concert with a story thrown in. 

What I Wore To Work

Inspiration: Blossom. (Whoa!)

A Blossom Kind of Day.

I don't know what made me decide to mix patterns all willy nilly.

Shirt: Gap
Sweater: Anne Taylor
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Bass
Skirt, Hat, & Scarf: Vintage