Valentine's Day!

Who needs a beau on Valentine's Day when you have an amazing mom and grandma like my own?! I unexpectedly received a bunch of V-day packages a couple days before the 14th. I adore getting mail and getting so much in one day, made my entire month!

My grandma is getting old...apparently thought it was Christmas (just kidding), but she was way too generous in her V-Day gift giving. She gave me a lovely, warm red cashmere scarf 

and then..
In my excitement of opening, I accidentally knocked things over..

None of the pictures I took did it justice, but she gave me this gorgeous Marc Jacobs watch, which in all likelihood will be used as a fancy bracelet more so than a time telling device. 

My mom made the 8 year old in me ridiculously happy by buying me massive amounts of candy and my favorite flowers: sunflowers! Who knew you could send flowers through the mail?!


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