Some of My Favorite Things At Work Right Now..

I feel like this entry is gonna come off as a Monk ad, but these are a few things I'm tempted to buy everyday or I am just in love with.

These plates are sort of pricey for housewares, but apparently they are collector items or something. Either way, they are super adorable. I love sunflowers. There is a cheaper set of plates with hearts that I really like as well, but honestly..who needs more plates? not me..

I would have seriously bought this coat if it wasn't just too big for me. 

Perfect condition soft furry shoes I don't think are really my style, but are so lovely and soft.

I don't think the picture does it justice, but can't you just see Carey Mulligan or Alexa Chung in this? I really want a young starlet to buy this and wear it somewhere fancy.

 We've had these glasses in the store forever, but I was flipping through Teen Vogue, noticed the model had the same glasses, and thought "wow, I wonder why they would use these cheap glasses ($14) for a big photoshoot" only to look at the credits and find out that the ones in the photo are actually $345 Alexander Wang glasses! I'm sure the Alexander Wang versions are better quality, but from here, they look exactly the same. crazy! So we tacked this picture up next to our glasses. 

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