Walking in A Winter Wonderland

Coming home from Promises Promises was ROUGH. haha an adventure! There were no cars, no cabs anywhere. We looked for a place to eat and everywhere was closed, except Carmine's, which turned out to be delicious so we had a nice hot meal and made our way back to the subway...

We walked along the driven snow...but when we got to my actual street off the subway, no one had driven through it so it was knee deep eveeeerywhere. The steps were completely covered. This is my moms hilarious reaction to the trek from the subway stop to home.

 SMILE! haha

Promises Promises

We trekked through the snow hardcore to go see Promises Promises (yay Kristen Chenoweth!) Sean Hayes was missing from this performance, but I was more interested in seeing Kristen Chenoweth sing anyway. Some people were getting angry he wasn't there though!

 I look like an excited kid here. haha
The most deserted I've ever seen Times Square...

Brunch Time!

The River Cafe under the Brooklyn Bridge. 
It was just beginning to snow...
Here is my lovely mother and I all bundled up.

What I'm Wearing:
Coat: Erin Fetherston 
Shoes: Hunter wellies
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Scarf: Knitted by the mother of one of my mom's friends.

Getting home...
Luckily there were still cabs in the morning.

Christmas in NYC!

What I'm Wearing:
Red Shirt- vintage
Broach- vintage from Monk in Park Slope 
(Did I mention it's missing all the stones? you can't even tell!)
Skirt: H&M 
Shoes: Chanel

Rockefeller Center

Christmas Time Is Here...

This is my first New York Christmas. I've been here around the time before, but it'll just be me and my mom this time on Christmas day. There's be fancy food to be had and A Miracle on 34th Street to be watched.


Cucumber and cream cheese bagel + chai tea = <3!

My amazing roommate..

....got me these adorable Kate Spade mittens for Christmas! <3

Winter Drinks and Dances

 My roommate Kate and I had a lovely bourbon buttery apple cider drink pre Mondo (NYC's indie pop dance party). I'm wearing a new Topshop dress I treated myself to on my birthday the week before. Overpriced in my opinion, but I can't resist a peter pan collar. 

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Topshop
Sweater: Ann Taylor

Bow-tie <3.

Jens Lekman Show in Brooklyn

Amazing show. I realized the other day how much music used to occupy my life compared to fashion and overall clothes, but now it's the opposite and this show made me realize how much I miss the importance of music in my life. 

It was in a gorgeous Brooklyn venue I''d never been to called The Green House (the outside of it was green). Apparently they hold weddings there and such. 

We took two pictures. I thought that I came out goofy in the first so I asked if we could take another and he looked at the second and said "aw you look beautiful" (<3!!!)

Sweater Love

I promised myself I would only buy one of the new crazy sweaters we got at work and this is it.


A bit late, but this was what my mini dinner party consisted of:
The Final Result!

Some of My Favorite Things At Work Right Now..

I feel like this entry is gonna come off as a Monk ad, but these are a few things I'm tempted to buy everyday or I am just in love with.

These plates are sort of pricey for housewares, but apparently they are collector items or something. Either way, they are super adorable. I love sunflowers. There is a cheaper set of plates with hearts that I really like as well, but honestly..who needs more plates? not me..

I would have seriously bought this coat if it wasn't just too big for me. 

Perfect condition soft furry shoes I don't think are really my style, but are so lovely and soft.

I don't think the picture does it justice, but can't you just see Carey Mulligan or Alexa Chung in this? I really want a young starlet to buy this and wear it somewhere fancy.

 We've had these glasses in the store forever, but I was flipping through Teen Vogue, noticed the model had the same glasses, and thought "wow, I wonder why they would use these cheap glasses ($14) for a big photoshoot" only to look at the credits and find out that the ones in the photo are actually $345 Alexander Wang glasses! I'm sure the Alexander Wang versions are better quality, but from here, they look exactly the same. crazy! So we tacked this picture up next to our glasses. 

What I Wore to Work

Sweater and Broach (which I last used for my Joan costume)- vintage from the Park Slope Monk, but this was taken at the West Village location. 
Shoes: Hunter wellies (I just got yesterday. Perfect for the New York winter to come!)
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Hue 

Autumn in New York

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Anthropologie
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Tights: Hue from Macys
Shoes: Norstrom


This ADAM dress came into Style Caster on Tuesday.

guh..so beautiful and shiny..and I'm not really into shiny things, but this silhouette somehow makes it understated and classic. THE perfect party dress...although it didn't seem as cleavage revealing as it is on this model. 

I'm like "it looks like it would totally fit me!" only to look and see it's like a size 4. haha I guess the sparkles just tend to create volume.

I know that's like more pictures than you ever needed of it, but I felt like pictures couldn't do it justice and the flash and non flash ones looked totally different.