Normally this would be reserved for the first entry, but I was too excited about my costume to not blog about it right away! 

Anyhoo, Hello, my name is Kristina. This is how I normally look...

(Taken by Pavla at Twee as Fuck party about two years ago when I was summer interning)

I've just recently (about 4 months ago) moved to New York City from San Antonio/Austin, Tx after graduating from school! I live in Brooklyn and work at all three location of a fabulous vintage shop called Monk. There is a Manhattan one in the West Village and two in Brooklyn in Williamsburg and Park Slope.

This is the Manhattan one. 

This is the Williamsburg one.

I also intern 2 days a week at a really awesome fashion website called Style Caster:

For about four years, I've run a different kind of blog, a street style one called The Rebel Waltz. Going to school, traveling, and interning over the years have lead to me taking pictures in San Antonio, Austin, Denton (all Tx), San Francisco, and New York. All with a point and shoot. Nothing fancy. Eventually I'd like to invest in a better camera, but for now, I document any way I can. This past fashion week, I stood outside Lincoln Center and took at least 60 pictures of all the stylish people coming and going to shows. Various other bloggers stood around me with their fancy cameras and enormous lenses, but not having a certain kind of camera wasn't going to stop me from documenting all the incredible style!

(My friend Jenn, an amazing graphic designer created this!

I used to be a DJ in school..
but not really so much anymore. I sort of miss it.

Well...that's my life right now. More or less. I've felt this pull to blog for many years and I've filled it with Livejournal, Tumblr, and the Street Style blog, but I thought "why not?" to finally creating a personal style one of my own, even if just for myself. 

I'll leave you with three pictures that pretty much encompasses my personality.


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