Today is My 23rd Birthday!

It's a black tie affair. ;)

This is actually what the most of the outside world saw. Me with my coat, fluffy fur scarf thing and vintage carpet bag from West Village Monk. I don't look too happy, but that was my "sophisticated" face. haha

Brooklyn Flea

The last one outside for the season.

What I Wore to Work

I feel a bit school teacher-esque in this with the collar and cardigan. I should probably get it tailored shorter make it a bit sassier.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: vintage
Sweater: H&M
Tights: Hue from Macys
Shoes: Bass Loafers

MONK Vintage Shop

Most amazing sweater ever. 

Past Photoshoot

This was a photo shoot I helped set up and "style" a while back. The polaroids at the bottom were mine, but all the other pictures were taken by a friend I met in Denton, Tx, Mary Elam.

That's Mary in the yellow tights!

Some of My Favorite Bloggers At the Event..

The Glamourai

A close up of her lovely accessories..

Descending the stairs as I creepily snap away. 

Gala Darling

I'm kind of into this picture for some reason. 
I just like the way it captures the camera man in the moment just perfectly so.

Keiko Lynn


Blogger Coach Event!

I heard about this event through three of my favorite bloggers (Keiko Lynn, Gala Darling, and The Glamourai!). I'd had somewhat of a frustrating day so I was excited to get out and about. Coach's new holiday campaign consists of 10 bloggers and the one in Soho had an event/sale for the unveiling. It was a pretty neat. Lots of (free) fancy drinks and h'orderves! It's always strange to meet your favorite bloggers in person, but everyone was just lovely and of course ridiculously stylish. I posted some street style pictures of the bloggers I listed above along with a couple others, but in this blog I'll be posting other random pictures from the night.

This is what I wore to work and the event. I had a striped shirt underneath, but I prefer my new sweater with the sequined pink skirt. I got this sweater at Brooklyn Flea and it's one of my new favorite fall things to wear. It's just warm enough, but not too heavy. What makes it special is the sort of knitted peter panish collar around the top. I got the purse from Monk in Park Slope (the cheaper of the stores so I got a good deal!)

The only other picture I got of myself that night was one with The Glamourai, who represented her blog by looking completely glamorous. 
Other blogger pictures soon to follow! 
(The drink I'm holding was this amazing fancy apple ginger ale vodka concoction). 
Oh yeah and another randomly cool part of the night was when I went to Starbucks to use the restroom, I noticed Agyness Deyn crossing the street! I was too late to take her street style picture, but it's one of the few celebrity sightings I've had since I moved here!

What I Wore to Work

This is my take on a sort of feminized "mens wear look." This jacket is a woman's jacket, but it seems pretty old manish to me in the best way possible and it's kind of huge, which makes it good for layering. I wore a black sequined dress underneath for a feminine accent. Just for fun..my co-worker convinced me to try on a magnificently tacky sweater. The head and earrings actually stick out from the sweater! My hands ended up sort of lookng like her hands. haha

What I Wore to Work

My outfit was fairly monochromatic today hence the title. I wish I'd posed better or something, but it was just as I was leaving work and threw my blazer on. I am glad i got a picture with the scarf though. I bought it at the Park Slope Monk (I swear..working at a vintage shop..) and it is soo warm. I think I remember Susie Bubble wearing something similar once. It was a tangled mess when I found it and recreated the braid. I figured after all that scarf TCL, it pretty much needed to be mine. The sunglasses are just borrowed from the store for the impromptu photo shoot. 


These are some of the few "outfit documentation" pictures I've acquired over the years.
Me...through various seasons..