Restaurant Week in San Antonio

Restaurant week gave me an excuse to wear this fabulous dress from Gwynnie Bee. I paired it with my new obsession: a pom pom crown. I felt wonderfully fancy!

Dress: Gwynnie Bee
Headband: Hello Tallulah
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

Hello Tallulah Update

I've been having a fantastic time finding and sharing treasures for my business, Hello Tallulah. I'm eager to find a location and officially start a store, but the fast growth of San Antonio makes it difficult to find the right deal. Thankfully I have a strong support system and it'll happen when it's meant to. In the meantime, I'm looking for an everyday gig. Holler if you have an idea! I'd love to contribute to the community through a new job. I miss the camaraderie of Trader Joe's, but unfortunately there's no room for transfers (shout-out to the Brooklyn crew, I miss you!). 

This week, I took a refresher course on business and digital marketing, which has helped keep my focus. I have a pop-up next week at Brick Blue Star. The last event was fabulous and I loved meeting so many new people. Here are a few customers from the events I've done. Keep track of Hello Tallulah and my slow and steady journey on the business blog!


San Antonio's First Friday!

I set up a pop-up shop at First Friday this month! I hadn't been in ten years so it was a thrill to be part of the festivities. After we set up, my mom and I went to a perfectly pink restaurant called Liberty Bar, where I struck a pose and ate some deliciously crafted pasta. I wore my silly pom pom crown and a new dress from Gwynnie Bee by Rachel Antonoff. If you're in San Antonio on August 25th, stop by my next event!

Dress: Gwynnie Bee
Headband: Hello Tallulah
Shoes: Unique Vintage
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Kristina'a New Life in Texas!

I've officially been in San Antonio, Tx a few weeks. Coming from New York, it's quite an adjustment. Living at home and learning to drive are just a few ways my life is totally different. I'm full of anxiety and excitement for so many reasons. My transfer to Trader Joe's fell through, but lots of doors have opened! Old friends welcomed me with open arms and surprisingly, I'm dating someone new. It's a welcome I couldn't have anticipated. Of course, I miss Brooklyn and I miss my old apartment, but things are happening here. I hope this moving momentum keeps going.

On that note, I'm happy to share that I will be a vendor at this year's San Antonio Vintage Expo, happening this weekend. If you live in San Antonio, please stop by! The event should be a blast. There will be swing dancing, vintage cars and a variety of retro treasures. I've worked at nearly every vintage store in NYC, not to mentioned acting as vendor for a Brooklyn designer. This event is right in my wheelhouse, but it's the first time I'm doing something real for me and my brand. Hopefully it's just the beginning! I'm making my dreams come true one step at a time. I'm super excited and want to share it with everyone I know. I hope to see your gorgeous face there. Learn more about the event here.

On a side note, I have a super exciting project coming up that I will talk more about soon. Let's just say.....it involves travel!

Goodbye New York, Hello Texas!

If you follow me on social media, you may already know...that after 7 years in New York City, I'm moving back to my hometown of San Antonio, Tx. I am officially leaving on May 17th. I love New York City with all my heart, even when I don't, but it's time to focus on a new dream. San Antonio is booming right now. Things are constantly changing, but with help, I am planning to purchase a commercial property that I can live in and create a vintage-inspired boutique.

I'm fairly anxious about leaving. It'll be a major change, but I think it's the right thing. It's hard to think about starting over, going in a new direction. I came to NYC to be a writer and I've done some really cool things that I'm proud of. In my personal experience, the industry is not what it used to be. Full-time jobs are near impossible to come by and websites are constantly bought, merged or closed. I've been in retail limbo the past year, frustrated with the writer hustle. I admire friends who have the consistent hunger for it. Once my dream was to live here, another was to get published. I've accomplished that and surprisingly, don't feel the urge to push on, at least here. There's not enough return in happiness or money when it comes to hard work. Maybe, it's just me and my journey, but I feel it's time to move on to something new. 

In the back of my mind, another dream was always there, a dream of creating something tangible. I want to own a piece of property and create an inviting, brick-and-mortar store. I want to be part of a community and share my style while doing it. I didn't think it was within my grasp, but after much research, I feel passionate and excited about figuring it out, step-by-step. The transition will be hard, but family will be near, as will old friends. 

If you know of any resources in Texas, please let me know! I took  a Women's Entrepreneur class in Manhattan, which was a wonderful start. 

I definitely want to eat at all my favorite NYC restaurants before I leave. Please let me know if there's something I need to add to my Brooklyn bucket list!