It's Adopt a Senior Month: See When Tallulah Met Marnie the Dog!

These photos are from early summer, but they're super appropriate considering November is Adopt-a-Senior month! Both Tallulah and Marnie are seniors who were found in a shelter. Thankfully they were rescued by those who shower them with love.

I am a definite advocate of senior pups. Not only are they the chillest dogs around, but you get a sense of their personality a lot sooner. 

Also in these photos is my friend Rachel's new puppy, Violet. Tallulah was being a bit territorial, but Violet and Marnie got along wonderfully! Enjoy these amazing photos. It was pretty much a dream being surrounded by tiny dogs in my apartment.

My Birthday Giveaway!!!!!!!

I'm super excited! I finally put together a giveaway for both my blog and real-life birthday. I turn twenty-seven on Thursday (Thanksgiving, actually) and my blog turns four  this month. These companies are all super wonderful and I'm so glad we could collaborate! 

I like the idea of three winners so I'll use rafflecopter to pick one winner at a time and, in that order, the winners can pick which prize they prefer. We have tons of adorable accessories and fabulous dresses. Take a look at some of my favorite options from each brand!
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I actually won a contest for this site from anther blogger. I instantly fell in love with these tiny pieces. Not only are the accessories detail-oriented, but they also happen to be scented! I got the pumpkin pie ring and the waffle ring a la Leslie Knope, but there are so many other items on my wish list!

Win: $30 gift card from Voodoo Vixen

Voodoo Vixen has some of my favorite patterns at prices that are hard to beat.  I have an outfit post/review coming up, but I'm already obsessed! I'm glad to give you a chance to shop this fabulous site.

Win: $30 gift card from Love Factory NYC

I first met the owner of this shop at a BUST Craftacular. I nearly bought every one of her items. She sells super cute accessories and is known for her festive headbands. 

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Links I Love

I recently found this adorable animated series due to Jason and his love of Adventure Time. It's by the same creators but stars this adorable girl named Bee and "PuppyCat." It's pretty much twee-incarnate. There's only two episodes so you can catch up here.

This guy is officially my hero.

Social Tees Rescue wrote this informative article about dispelling adoption myths.

More good advice: How to Stay Motivated & Achieve Your Goals Part 1 and Part 2

I kind of want to cry just reading this. Shhh don't judge me. I need to rewatch this film. I used to visit Corpus Christi all the time and there's this huge statue of her there. She's definitely a Texas icon.

I love them both. Try and stop me! Speaking of Taylor..

Not sure I agree with this list, but I like that it exists.

Susie Bubble articulates what was wrong with the "feminist" Chanel show.

I had a very "puppy in a cup" moment with this list.

These stretches are legit helpful if you sit at a desk all day like I do.

This is fascinating. Although I can't drive, I have the fondest dream of traveling cross-country in one of these adorable vintage trailers. 

I know this is so Pollyanna of me, but why — and it’s particularly women — why do they have to tear women down? And why do we have to tear other women down to build another woman up? It drives me crazy.” -Reese Witherspoon makes a good point about the negativity toward RenĂ©e Zellweger.

This girl just seems delightful and she's a real-life stewardess!

Amy Poehler is just the best, most amazing person. Speaking of...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xoxo

A Rescue Fundraiser: Part Two of Glamour Shots With Tallulah

Photos by Alan Perlman of Chevy Dog Pet Photography
Here is part two of our lil day in the city. Part one was a collection of photos taken by Jason, but today's photos will be used to promote the fundraiser for Social Tees Rescue aka those who rescued Taullulah! The event is this Thursday and tickets are sold here. The fundraiser is for sick and injured animals, along with senior dogs. Come support an organization that saves animals like Tallulah every single day.

Photos by Alan Perlman of Chevy Dog Pet Photography
Photos by Alan Perlman of Chevy Dog Pet Photography
Photos by Alan Perlman of Chevy Dog Pet Photography
Follow him on Instagram here

Two Ladies in Purple: Part One of Glamour Shots With Tallulah

Twee Valley High and Tallulah
On Saturday, I had a mini photo shoot with Tallulah, set up by her rescue, Social Tees. Here are some of the adorable shots captured by Jason on the sidelines. More photos will soon be posted along with information about their fundraiser. Tallulah is a natural! She was happy to be out and about looking all adorable. Can anyone believe this lil pup is 10 years old?!

Fashion side note: I just got this fabulous coat from Goodwill and I'm obsessed! It was a mere $35. I definitely lucked out!

Tallulah, the stylish Schweenie
Tallulah, the stylish Schweenie
Tallulah, the stylish Schweenie
Tallulah, the stylish Schweenie
Twee Valley High and Tallulah
Twee Valley High and Tallulah
Tallulah, the stylish Schweenie
Twee Valley High and Tallulah
Tallulah, the stylish Schweenie
I was in heaven, surrounded by puppies at the rescue!

Social Tees Rescue
Social Tees Rescue
Social Tees Rescue